Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

Be very welcome at DOF2019, the 8th International Symposium on "Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems", Porto, Portugal!

This series of Symposia have managed to gather, throughout the years, an interdisciplinary team of scientists from different research areas (food science and engineering, biophysics, applied soft matter, food technology, applied human nutrition) and very different proveniences (from academia, industry and young researchers) and places around the World.

Being the 8th symposium of the series, DOF2019 will not be an exception to this rule and we have prepared an exciting program that addresses the most recent developments in the area, featuring three main themes:

  1. Food Structures for Delivery of Functionality
  2. Safety and efficacy of delivery systems
  3. Healthy food design: is multi-functionality the right way forward?

Topics addressing issues such as the Personalized Nutrition approach, natural and biomimetic food systems or food synergy to delivery of functionality have been included.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy DOF2019, not only at the scientific and technical levels, but also at the cultural level, with the prize-winning city of Porto being chosen as its venue!

See you soon!!

António A. Vicente (Chair of the Organising Committee)

Symposium Sessions

The Symposium will be developed in three main sessions, addressing different aspects of "Delivery of Functionality", which will encompass the proposed topics of the program (Topics 1-10):

    S1: Food Structures for Delivery of Functionality

  1. Novel structures for delivery of bioactives in foods
  2. New and emerging processes: how to convert novel structures into ingredients for delivering functionality
  3. S2: Safety and efficacy of delivery systems

  4. Food design approaches to improving sustainability, reducing environmental damage and reducing food waste
  5. Delivery of functionality via food biodegradable and bio-sourced packaging
  6. In vivo bioefficacy of nutraceuticals, and its improvement by delivery systems
  7. Interactions between delivery systems and the human body (sensory, digestion, release, bioaccessibility, bioavailability, microbiome)
  8. S3: Healthy food design: is multi-functionality the right way forward?

  9. Creating "Super-Humans" or the Personalised Nutrition approach
  10. Natural and biomimetic food systems – structures and functionality, from whole natural foods to synthetic foods
  11. Functionality of animal and plant-derived proteins and their substitutes and extenders
  12. Food synergy to deliver enhanced functionality: implementing delivery systems in food products

Sheraton Porto Hotel Conference Centre

For the 8th International Symposium on "Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems" was selected a beautiful, modern and transparent building that was lifted on the business area of Boavista. Enjoy the convenience of being only a short walk away from fabulous shopping, art museums, and nightlife.

The venue offers 1750 square meters of total multifunction meeting space, which includes one 945 square meters meeting room, additional seven conference rooms, and eight convertible suites in a wireless environment. The business centre can also accommodate all the event needs. Enjoy the comfort and privacy of the hotel and connect with family and friends over fine dining and a "show cooking" concept with Portuguese and international flair at restaurant Porto Novo. Or if you'd rather spend a mellow evening in the company of other participants networking, stop by the piano bar or cocktail lounge with live music in the evenings.

We look forward to making your stay comfortable and convenient at the Sheraton Porto Hotel fulfilling all your needs.

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